avoid becoming twitter trash, twitter marketing done right.

26 05 2009


I have been on twitter all day today. i made some contacts, started some conversations, and avoided the temptation of websites promising a large number of followers with no effort.

vidEstreamTM does not want 10,000 followers that have no idea what who we are. we want a group of followers with whom we can interact with. thanks to some inspiration provided by seth godin, we are doing our best to take a no sales approach to twitter.

“Being a familiar name takes you miles closer to closing a sale. People like to buy from companies they’ve heard of.” [via sethgodin]

this is our goal. we see twitter as a place to interact, not to sell. we want to talk to you about web development, streaming video, music, films, surfing, or anything else we might share. we don’t want to spam your account.

now of course we will write about ourselves from time to time, we are not entirely selfless. I mean we are a fresh internet company, we’re supposed to talk about ourselves. but on twitter, our focus is not on ourselves, it is you.

follow us on twitter @videstream

photo created with an illustration by matt hamm.




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