social network integration: an amazing time saver.

9 06 2009


today i have been attempting to streamline my social networking workflow by integrating my favorite sites. after a few hours of research and testing, i think i have successfully integrated facebook, twitter, and this wordpress blog. the process is surprisingly simple thanks to a lot of smart facebook applications and third party websites. to save you some time, i thought i would publish my process. i hope it helps.


the easiest service to integrate is twitter. wordpress offers built in widget that publishes your most recent tweets. to add the widget to your own blog, add the twitter widget found under dashboard>appearance>widgets. then all you need to do is add your twitter account name and select how many tweets you want displayed.

syncing twitter to facebook was just as simple. searching for twitter in facebook search found the official twitter application that allows twitter to update your facebook status. adding this application to my profile and setting it up was incredibly simple. unlike the wordpress widget, facebook’s installation does require you to give up your twitter login details, but then offers access to almost every feature of twitter inside facebook.


automatically posting blog posts to twitter is simple with servises like friendfeed and twitterfeed. i chose to use friendfeed because i read that friendfeed posts faster than twitterfeed, but both solutions are very simple. inside friendfeed, i added this blog as a source by clicking on settings>sources edit/add>blog. and then entering the url of this blog,

once the blog was added as a source, i needed to set up publication to twitter. click “tools”, at the top of the page, and then “post to twitter”. on this page, you need to sign in to your twitter account and then select the preferences that you want for the tweets. i chose to “link to source site instead of FriendFeed conversation” because i am only using friend feed to distribute my content. also choose “Post my FriendFeed entries on Twitter by default” and “The services I’ve selected below:” and “blog”.

publishing posts to facebook is pretty straightforward. my original goal was to have the facebook posts link back to the blog, but i decided to actually have facebook host a copy of my blog posts. if you want to link to your blog post, you can try installing the wordpress facebook application but i have not tried that method. to have facebook host a copy of your blog posts, log in and navigate to your mini feed. on the top of your the mini feed, click settings. here you should see an option to add a blog/rss click that and copy in the url of your blog. this will post all of your blog posts as facebook notes with subtel links back to the original post.


not much of what i do on facebook is really designed for mass publication. so it eventually became a base of operations for this project. getting everything posted in to facebook and to my facebook friend base seemed to be the fastest way to spread content. so what i do on facebook is not posted to any other site, except when i update my facebook status through the twitter facebook application.

wrap up

integrating these services was pretty easy and i think that it will do a good job of drawing traffic to both this blog and to twitter. since i already had a large network of friends on facebook, my twitter updates and blog posts will now be displayed in my friends’ facebook news feeds.

it should also save time. on a busy day i can just update the blog or twitter and effectively update everything. let me know if you have any questions about social integration and i will try and help you out. good luck!


after publishing this blog post, i thought i would write a few notes. friend feed does take a little bit of time to publish the blog post to twitter. it took about 17 minutes for this post.

also, i didn’t realize that when i published the post, it would appear twice on my facebook profile. once in my mini feed and once in my status thanks to twitter and facebook status being synced. i actually really like this. one of the links points to a copy of the blog post on facebook, and one points to this blog.

updated again:

after completing this process and posting this article, this blog had it’s highest level of traffic ever. seems to be working well.


Is google being replaced by social media?

22 05 2009

my recent research on SEO (search engine optimization) has been moving along quickly and I am already starting to see videstream slowly climb the google ladder. But today i stumbled across an article that really seemed on point regarding the evolution of the web and the waning value of SEO.

photo credit to louisvolant

“For the 1st time ever, more people are finding my blog from Twitter and Facebook referrals than via Google.  The total number of people coming to my blog is increasing. The percentage of people who find it via Google is declining. Significantly.” [via blogmaverick]

The growth of twitter and facebook is staggering in both numbers and significance. companies can no longer afford to ignore the power of social networks. I only just created my own @vidEstream twitter profile, and have already discovered potential clients.

What i think might prove to be an interesting situation, is if the rumors prove true and google buys twitter. The possibilities for SEO seem to become more interesting. days after starting my personal twitter account, @noelrunkle, it became my top search result on google. This would give even more reason to create a twitter account.

google’s previous endevours to social networking have not turned out to be too successful, so it would seem to make sense that they would purchase or partner with the newest and most promising addition to the real-time internet. Not to mention, google has been talking a lot about a possible partnership with twitter. business insider has a great summary of google’s recent comments towards twitter.

No matter what happens between google and twitter, it seems that twitter will be playing a key part in optimizing your sites search engine ranking. having a site with frequent updates has always proven to help your SEO, and the easiest way to so this was to create a blog for your site. Now, it is even easier to start a twitter account and have your updates posted to your site.

Now that i have worked this all out in writing, my next goal is to integrate my twitter feed in to vidEstream’s front page. Back to work. i have building to do.

photo credit to louisvolant

Welcome to My Home

15 05 2009

We are vidEstreamTM, a web video technology company based out of North Bondi in New South Wales. And following some simple logic, we realized that because we are an internet company, we needed to develop an online presence. The last week has been pretty exciting and we have been signing up with all the trendy software. 

“See what’s happening — right now.” –Twitter search

The most interesting part of this process has been trying to figure out how to harness the power of social media to benefit our customers and ourselves. The most interesting research I have done is in Twitter. What I have come to realize is that while Twitter seems to be the simplest form of communication, its power is held in its search. Twitter search indexes a global conversation in to usable and understandable message groups.

Making friends on Facebook is always a constant goal, but I now have a better understanding of the hype surrounding Twitter and I see myself becoming quickly immersed in constant updates from around the world.

Bondi beach = Bonzaaa

For now, I am combing through tweets that mention Bondi Beach, our home and backyard.