flash on it’s way out? i doubt it.

19 05 2009

this post is in response to another post I read recently:


iphone from williamhook on flickr


flash video is not on its way out. apple does not currently support flash (on iphone and ipod) due to the resource heavy nature of the software and the low processing capabilities of the iphone and ipod touch. recently a rumor has surfaced that apple and adobe are working together to try are bring flash to the iphone and ipod touch devices.

the ipod touch and iphone are not perfect devices. They follow apple’s classic tactic of forcing their users to follow strict rules to put content on to the devices (iphone app approval process and forcing youtube to recode their library to h.264)

I think that the future of video is most likely going to stick with flash. and luckily, adobe is doing its part to improve the software. There are some who are worried that the proprietary nature of flash has harmed the online community, but adobe has countered that idea with the creation of the Open Screen Project, which plans to create an open version of the popular format.

for now, this seems to be the way of online video. it will continue to be based in flash until some new, better technology is picked up by a major company. sure, h.264 could qualify, but it has not shown the kind of adoption needed to become a viable replacement for flash.

picture thanks to williamhook on flickr.